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Merapi Yogyakarta
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Tomb of King of Mataram in Imogiri yogyakarta

Imogiri tomb is the tomb area for the kings of Mataram and his family.
  This area is located in Ginirejo Imogiri.
  This tomb was built by Sultan Agung between in 1632 - 1640M is
  building owned by the Sultanate palace

The first king of Mataram was buried in the Imogiri namely Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo.
  He who decides that Imogiri later became his tomb after his death.
  Until now the king of Yogyakarta and Surakarta Sultanate who died were buried here.

Tomb Imogiri region have various buildings and historic objects are still maintained.
  Construction of the original building made ??of bricks.
  Buildings - buildings in the area of the tomb lmogiri are:

The mosque, a traditional mosque built at about the
  period of Sultan Agung. Historic element of this mosque is pawestren and pool
  on the front page. On the porch of the mosque there is the body

Gate, this tomb region contained four gates: Kori supit urang, namely moment-shaped gate
  gate which is shaped like a temple split, with no roof and no doors.
and made of brick. At the foot there giometris decoration. On the contiguous  two kori supit urang
padhasan, with ornate pedestal tumpal.

Regol Sri Manganti I, paduraksa shaped arch and having a roof and usually leaves the door gate
This is a gateway to enter the page that is considered sacred. Made of white stone,

Leaves of teak wood doors and decorated with two large field rhombic,
  Below the threshold of the door there Latiyu (threshold above the staircase door-steps),
  five-story made ??of wood. We have the numbers behind Java.

Regol Sri Manganti II, paduraksa shaped, but at this gate decorative pattern intensity
less (fewer), there are Latiyu storied and decorated with a pattern of seven flowers in the middle.
  Behind the figures there Latiyu Java.

gapura papak, a gate leading to the tomb of Sultan Agung, located on the last page
Near the gate there is a stone structure called pelenggahan used by Sultan Agung to view the southern ocean.

kelir, that is a building wall that serves sebagal screen or barrier gates. Here there
four kelir, namely:
gapura supit Urang , made of brick and stone which have been prepared without cement

kelir Regol Sri Manganti I, built of bricks without cement portion of the roof plain,
  while the bottom covered with 17 rectangular fields and six aspect.

kelir Regol Sri Manganti II, made of brick decoration carved in the form of field
Geometric patterns are interspersed with vegetation patterns.
kelir gapura papak, consisting of white stone structure

Padasan, Padasan is where berwudlu / purification. Here there were 6 padasan namely,
  2 pieces found outside the gates of chopsticks urang and 4 pieces and usually there are at Kamandhungan
called enceh or Kong.

Nisan, Nisan tantamount to grave. Materials headstone makers in the region, these include the tomb of andesite,
brick, stone and marble. Gravestone for a woman is usually the top obtuse or rounded,
headstone for men pointy top. Tombstones in this cemetery in the area for the 8 (eight) groups of tombs.

Swimming, Pool is located on the front page of the mosque, precisely in front of gapura supit urang.
admission filling pool obtained from

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