Merapi Yogyakarta

Merapi Yogyakarta
heat cloud (wedus gembhel) Merapi

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Merapi volcano erupts disaster in Yogyakarta At 17:02 pm on 26 October 2010

merapi is one of beauty of nature in yogyakarta.But something happen...., the beauty of it turned into something very scary.Merapi was 17:02 pm on 26 october 2010

Merapi eruption followed by the release of a very deadly heat clouds, people say wedhus gembel.
hot cloud that released by the merapi is very deadly, very hot and so very danger. temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius and Merapi pyroclastic movement reaches 200 km / h.
catastrophic eruption of Merapi becomes hot lava and hot clouds for those people who live around the area of ​​the merapi.
volcanic rocks and ash flying around, very disturbing health and lives of people
not even a little house and gardens of people around the charred and covered with hot clouds of volcanic ash thickness.many victims die from the eruption of Mount Merapi.
until now, when rain, cold lava was still flowing merapi material in the flow of the river in Yogyakarta.
and make a lot of damage in the vicinity of the river flow, and many are soaking and destroying the homes of people around the river

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