Merapi Yogyakarta

Merapi Yogyakarta
heat cloud (wedus gembhel) Merapi

Thursday, May 12, 2011

merapi and surroundings at the time show their beauty and peacefulness

when the merapi is not currently in a state of disaster,
in the surrounding area
merapi have also smoothed the natural content of sand that can be
bring money to those who dig
surrounding community also
to feel the benefits of peace and beauty of the merapi when not
out lava
merapi material in the form of sand, is one of the good material
in terms of quality to be material to create a building,
buildings, roads, bridges etc.
for some people also use it to dig for resale.
not a few people and companies in the mining of sand merapi.
even almost all believe when the sand was really sand merapi
in addition, the area is also used as merapi as a good tourist attraction
local and foreign tourists. object is called the tourist attraction
Kaliurang, because it is on the road Kaliurang

merapi the base of the mountain region or Kaliurang
very beautiful landscape, the air is very cool. For tourists
're feeling bored at work or whatever, then by
comes to tourism Kaliurang can feel really relieved, either
mind and mood

you should try if you visit Yogyakarta, you can go
to the attractions Kaliurang to get the beauty and coolness.

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