Merapi Yogyakarta

Merapi Yogyakarta
heat cloud (wedus gembhel) Merapi

Thursday, May 12, 2011


for the people in Yogyakarta and its surroundings, is no stranger whose name Angkringan.

 what really is angkringan it? angkringan is a place on the roadside where
people selling various foods and beverages that have characterized using wood wagon
using orange or blue tent, and in the middle of the wagon is that underneath there is a round hole
There charcoal as fuel for cooking water using a large kettle for making drinks
, is also the lanterns (senthir)
as the torch-style kadarnya.angkringan uses the elongated bench
where buyers sit back while talking with others around the wagon
containing food.
  usually more popular with the people in all get on together 
circles, both young and old, poor or rich

food sold at the famous place that has become a hallmark of this famous
is the fried banana, fried tempeh, tofu, crackers rambak, egg satay, sate snails,
sate chicken liver, chicken heads, paws chicken.dan also typical of this famous food is rice side dish
wrapped using recycled paper and banana leaves, shaped box and tied with a
There was also this famous karet.tapi provide rice and side dishes using the dish.

Drinks are sold in this famous, sweet tea, orange, ginger, coffee, iced tea, and others.

been a long time ago, seller selling food such angkringan usually start until late afternoon
even into the early evening.but now it's been a lot of famous place opened on
morning and afternoon.

more to this famous person than to a restaurant or other.
because usually this famous as the place assemle people to chat while
eat snacks and drink, so almost be regarded as its central persons
get together to chat middle of the night while drinking and eating, because at that hour nearly all
shops and eating places were closed. and usually if it is almost midnight, angkringan
be hope for the riders and the other for a place to rest
while eating and drinking there.

it was called a angkringan

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