Merapi Yogyakarta

Merapi Yogyakarta
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

kasongan is home pottery industry

Kasongan is a place in Yogyakarta, where the center of a very famous pottery.various kinds and forms of pottery in production. such as souvenirs, art goods, decorative ornate, a set of patio chairs etc.craftsmen is also partly a pottery seller is.
if you're there, you can look like a village that was in it there are only sellers and buyers are very busy pottery.
pottery that sold price was relatively cheap and affordable. although their production results not inferior to the production of pottery from overseasnot only the results of pottery that was there only being sold, but they also serve a variety of models and orders from domestic and overseas.
besides that, the craftsmen also received orders to make a good wedding gift small or large amount
Kasongan also has become a one stop shopping for handicrafts.
you should at least stop by here when visiting Yogyakarta, to shop various types of pottery that may not exist in other places as gift brought back from a trip.

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